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Download gamefaqs guides

Download gamefaqs guides

Basically, that's the question. I won't be able to have internet access when I travel out of state yet I want to have a guide to a few games before going. The guides can stay on the iTouch for a while when I connect with Safari, but sometimes they try to reload and well, fail to. Is there any app that allows me to transfer. But since earlier this week I noticed that not only can't I do that anymore ( download as text file) but now I only have the option to download as ''html'' on my desktop, which doesn't keep the same formatting at all when I take a took at What guide are you trying to download and what browser are you using?. For Download on the TurboGrafx, GameFAQs has 1 FAQ (game guide/ walkthrough).

On android I have used the excellent [FAQr app]() but I am having trouble finding anything to fill the same niche on iOS. It's great when I'm playing my 3DS in bed and want to look up a guide for a particular game. You have Also, what happens when I download a FAQ and then the online copy gets updated, does FAQr periodically check for updates? If not . This is amazing and makes GameFAQs much more accessible. FAQr is the ultimate FAQ reading application for Android. You just search for the name of the game, select the platform and the FAQ, and then it will be downloaded and available for you offline whenever you need it in an easy to use format. FEATURES It used to be that reading ASCII based FAQs on a mobile or tablet.

I'll use this FAQ as the example document: -fallout-new-vegas/faqs/ Appending?print=1 as a parameter, ie, http:// **?print=1**, simplifies the document for pri. First you should click the FAQ/Walkthrough that you want to download. Now at the top you should see a black bar with all the information. It should have white and orange text. You should see something in the middle left that says "View/ Download Original File." Just encase you still don't see it. I've taken a. GameFAQs is a website that hosts FAQs and walkthroughs for video games. It was created in November by Jeff Veasey and was bought by CNET Networks in May It is currently owned by CBS Interactive. The site has a database of video game information, cheat codes, reviews, game saves, box art images and.


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